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Better vdi cables... in Europe?

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Hi, I was wondering if there are vdi cables available to purchase in Europe? I am searching for a better quality that the one from line6 offers.


Some previous posts discuss about such alternatives, but they seems to be only available in the US.


Thanks for any advice you may have!


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Look for Ethercon Cat-5 cable






Flexible patchcable (ZNK CT2672601) twisted pair, UC300 HS26 4P, Cat. 5e, black PUR-rubber-jacket (resistant, nonabrasive, non-corrosive, flame retardant), assembled with RJ45 Hirose connectors, screened (NE8CAT6A-HRS) along with Neutrik etherCON cable connector shell with boot (NE8MC-B-1). Boot colors: black (other colors on request),

Order Numbers

NEPK-EE-EF-0.5 = 0.5 meters
NEPK-EE-EF-1 = 1 meter
NEPK-EE-EF-2 = 2 meters
NEPK-EE-EF-3 = 3 meters
NEPK-EE-EF-5 = 5 meters
NEPK-EE-EF-7 = 7 meters
NEPK-EE-EF-10 = 10 meters

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