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Using External Pedals With M13?


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 I am currently using the 4 cable method with my M13 into a JVM 215C.  I would like to introduce a external analog octo-fuzz pedal, an analog bit commander (synth thing) and a Jamman solo for sampling.  I want to put the octo-fuzz and bit commander between the first and second bank, and the Jamman through the effects loop at the end of the chain.


The reason I do not want to simply plug my guitar into the analog pedals and have them first in the chain is because I want to have the first bank for a wah, a compressor, and a pitch shift. (Pitch shift through front of amp or loop??)


Any help on this matter would be greatly appreciated.


Loving the M13!! 

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I would do the following:

Configure M13 to Post EFX 1 

-Guitar to M13 input, M13 send to Octo-fuzz and the Bit Commander to your amp input

-Amp send to M13 Return, M13 Output to Jamman and then the Jamman to your Amps Effects return.


So the config would be first bank of M13 effects, then Fuzz, then Bit commander, then the amps preamp channel ,then banks 2-4 of M13 and then Jamman looper then amps power tubes to speaker

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