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Troubles With Turn On X3 Live

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I get X3 live yesterday and when i started playing with guitar and phones the device started to restart sometimes (I may have the preset higher then 16 selected), Then i tried tutorial, preset 32D and after while the device started to restarting again and again. It does not get to menu where I can select presets, Only "Line 6" appear on display and thats all and restart, all time.

So now everything I can do is to pres the rigt buton (on the right side of display) to go to some mode where you can check pedal, buttons, pots, flash, etc. to check they working. Or I can pres the down button and then "Update flash" is shown on dispaly. Thats all I get.

Hold home button for restore to default settings does not work at all (but when I check it in the mode described above it seems the button work properly). I tried to update flash memory with monkey, I tried to update all presets with gearbox. The connection with computer is working (maybe not correctly) in both modes described above. 

Have somebody any ideas how to repair it? I donť want to throw out my money for some paperweight.

Thanks a lot and I am sorry about my English am not a native speaker

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Hello again,

I find that flash memory 1.0 or 1.02could help me. Do anybody know where can I get it?


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