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Bypass mode possible?

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Can you connect Guitar into the FX100/TT and then into an amp in a bypass mode so will work as if Guitar plugged directly into amp and invisible?

Normally hitting tuner disables all effects but dose it cut ‘amp out’? If not then easy option without creating a blank patch


I will be using headphones out into the aux in on my Mustang GT for Amplifi use and then the above setup will allow using the GT directly bypassing th3 FX instead like a switching box would do.


Also be streaming backing tracks which I could use either for but last time I owned a Amplifi 75 it didn’t like amp control at the same time.


Hope that all makes sense

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If you open up the AmplifiFX app, you can select any tone, then go into the Editor. In the Amp/Cab settings, you can select Amp and then go thru the list to select NO AMP. Then select CAB  and go thru the list to select NO CAB. I would probably load up a Clean Tone before turning off the Amp and Cab. This would be how I would attempt to Bypass the AmplifiFX.

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