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POD Hd500x recording

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I’m not getting sound from my HD500x when I try to go direct to my Scarlett 2i2 when I go out from the 1/4†out.

I’m running protools and I’ve also tried the usb method it shows up in the playback engine but I still get no sound is there a way to go directly out of the POD into the Scarlett 2i2 with a 1/4†jack?


I get sound when I play directly from my guitar into the interface but as soon as I try to go direct from the POD I lose all sound and I get nothing.

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I am not sure what could be happening, but on a side note, I would suggest using the XLR outputs to your scarlet to take advantage of the cleaner balanced signal.  Here are a couple of things to consider when troubleshooting.  I am assuming your 1/4 cable is unbalanced (Tip/ Sleeve or TS) on both ends if it is not your scarlet might be switching the input type expecting a balanced signal if it sees a TRS connection.  Here is an image to show what those connectors look like for those who don't know.


From the manual:

Note: POD HD500X will generally give the best signal-to-noise performance when you have the Master Volume control at maximum. With the Master Volume control turned down low, you may get extra hiss – which obviously isn’t what you want – if you turn up your mixer or recorder’s output to compensate. In order to allow you to set the Master Volume as high as possible when connecting to recording, mixing, and other studio gear, be sure you are plugging POD HD500X 1/4-inch outputs into line level, not microphone or guitar level inputs. Line level inputs should allow you to turn POD HD500X Master Volume up all the way (or close to it) and thereby get the best sound possible. If your gear has inputs that function as mic/line level inputs, try to set the trim for those inputs to the minimum level, and POD HD500X Master Volume to maximum, when setting levels. There is also a switch which allows you to set the line outputs to amp (instrument) or line level. Having said all that, it is recommended that you start with the Master Volume control set to minimum and slowly turn the control clockwise towards maximum before any audio clipping (the bad kind of distortion) occurs.


Setup: Output Options The Mode setting on this page allows you to configure the type of signal fed to your POD HD500X analog outputs to optimize for direct recording versus connecting to an external amplifier. This is a global setting. Knob 1 - Selects the Output Mode. Studio/Direct: For connecting “Direct†to a mixing console or recording device. Combo and Stack settings: These 4 options are all designed to optimize your tone for connecting to an external amplifier. The signal includes “Live†Cab Models,with no Mic Model or “AIR†convolution, with a special EQ curve added for each. Combo Front & Stack Front: For connecting into the front input of a typical combo amp or amp head + external cab, respectively. When choosing either of these Modes, you’ll see additional options for further tone shaping. Combo Power Amp & Stack Power Amp: For connecting to the power amp of a combo or head amp.

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