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HX Effects 4CM & Presets using the effects loop


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I'm using my Helix HX Effects with the four cable method into my Hughes & Kettner 18 watt head. It works fine connecting it this way. Now I want to have a preset with the Minotaur overdrive,  a reverb, a delay, a compressor, and a boost. How can I get the reverb and delay to use the effects loop via the four cable method?? I've tried putting the reverb and delay on path B of the signal path settings for the preset. I couldn't tell if that is how those effects are now using the effects loop in the head or not. I feel like I'm missing something. Any help would be great.

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You have to insert a Send/Return Loop 1 block (or Loop 2 depending on how you connected your cables). before the effect blocks that you want going through the effects loop of your amp.  Everything after the send/return block will be routed into your effect loop on your amp. Here is how I have my Helix wired.  You could use this same topology for the HX Effects.  Path B is for super serial or parallel signal chains.


cable #1 guitar to Helix

cable #2 Helix fx loop send 1 (1/2) to Amp's main input

cable #3 Amp fx loop send to Helix fx loop return 2 (1/2)

cable #4 Helix 1/4" left (mono) out OR Helix send 3 (3/4) -to- amp's fx loop return

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I wish there was a step-by-step video on how this done?   


I also would like to know where and how would you insert your separate OD or Distortion pedals?  I assume it could go before the amp input and after the HX effects/Helix output (cable #2?)  Thanks. 

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