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Update PUs in a Standard


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Had a crazy idea this morning.... thought about the idea of putting a set of Flishman Fluence PUs in my Amethyst Standard. While I really dig the modeled sounds, the stock magnetic PUs seem pretty basic. I'm also so used to my MojoTone "Quiet-Coils" in my main guitar, so the single-coil noise is kind of a bummer.


However... the Fishmans need 25K pots.... and I don't think you can get a dual pot for the Variax volume with a 25K value for the magnetic PUs.


Just thinking out loud.

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Pick-up DC/ bulk resistance specs should be between 6k and 8k Ohms,

or you will have impedance match problems, and that will alter the tone EQ.


Remember these are not passive circuits, the guitar circuit board wants to see

a specific impedance level at the input.


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