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Trade Helix floor for rack.


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Helix floor in excellent condition, I'm a little OCD.


Helix bag as well.


That was it... And now for some rambling because... welllll... just, because:



Working on a rack rig, I only use the Helix 4cm and really want to cut down on the cable runs while gigging.


Secretly building a full midi analog rack rig and was just going to sell.... but... line 6 nailed midi on this thing and controllers that can do the same with scribble strips, rjm mastermind, cost almost as much if not more than the helix. Annnnd, I once had my rig fail me... if it weren't for a set list I used when only running the helix direct it would have been a short gig and probably me searching for a new job... sooo... having the helix is a REALLY nice backup solution!


Any who... not sure how to work logistics, but if anyone has a rack unit and want the floor... let me know!!




Quickly typed on phone - excuse any English related things.


A.D.D. joke:

Why are there so many annoying grammar nazis online?!?


Because English degrees don't land jobs!!! :P

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HI!! Not sure if you found anyone to do this but I have a Helix Rack AND Controller that I’d be willing to trade for the Helix Floor. I even have a rack case I’ll throw in also 


Email me at: Progc@me.com if your interested. I’m ready to make this happen 

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So I'm not sure which direction this thread is going as some of these replies are quite some time after the OP.


Bottom line: I've got a like-new Helix Floor with backpack that I would trade for a rack/control setup. I do not play out whatsoever so a rack setup makes a lot more sense for me.


PM me if you like...

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Not sure if posting on a thread this old will get any attention but I have a Helix Floor unit in excellent condition that I'd like to trade for the rack mount with the controller.  Also, I will include the Gator G-TOUR PEDALBOARD-LGW ATA Wood Tour Case. I have all the original packaging and the usb manual. 


I am a touring musician out of Nashville and I want to build a rack for touring to include my IEMs, Wireless guitar unit, and rack effects. So, moving to the rack model will just make life easier.


If you're interested feel free to email me at blackburnguitar@gmail.com and we can work out the details! 


Thank you! 

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