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HD500x, Cubase AI6 Windows 10 crash


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I'm posting here as I cannot find a conclusive solution to the issue that I have been facing since purchasing a new Asus, Windows 10 laptop. Details as follows;


Laptop - Asus X556U running Windows 10

POD HD500x

Cubase AI6


So, the POD is installed with the latest drivers and works flawlessly for playback and when setting it as an output device in Cubase device manager.


The issue arises when trying to record, so, setting POD as the input in device setup under the VST Audio System dropdown. It sometimes happens within seconds or after a few minutes, I get the blue screen of death and Windows begins startup repair. 


I've found some threads in various forums talking about similar issues but not this exact example.


I have considered downgrading to Windows 7 as everything worked fine on my previous laptop but I'm reluctant in case this is a hardware issue and not actually related Windows.

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Sorry guys but I can't post in other places!!... Every time I access to the <POD HD Forum> I receive an error message 502 and display the message:

" <h3>We're sorry.</h3>

<p>There seems to be a problem with the page that you've requested.</p>
<p>Please try again later.</p> "


What happen to my connection?

Please note that it happens both at my home PC and office one.....





PS. I can write here because I have received a mail Notification of new message with link and in this case it works....

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I got my first BSOD with the HD Desktop last night while I was tracking a little bass line. It turned out the stupid Windows Update kicked in...After it restarted, all was back to normal. In 8 years, I have never had that happen with the HD Desktop. This is Windows 10...Same computer was used with the Desktop on Windows 8 and never had it happen at that time either...Might be time to move to Helix LT for me...

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