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Help-hd500x: Guidance On Basic Tones To Create/presets For Upcomming Gig

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Looking for guidance from the experts/experience HD 500/500Xusers.


I just purchased an HD500X yesterday.  I used an X3 Live which is defective & unusable as of last week.  I have a gig on Wednesday and I don't think I will have the time to ramp up on how to program it correctly to create the tones I need.


I play for a wedding band, so top 40s & Latin dance type songs.  


So based on this profile, I am hoping some of you experienced musicians can recommend guidance on how to easy CREATE OR suggested PRESET on the HD500X for the following type of tones:


1) General Clean/Rhythm Tone

2) Chorus Tone

3) Delay Tone

4) Soft Crunch Tone

5) Heavy Crunch Tone

5) Full Lead tone


I know is a matter of taste and individuality, but just looking for something decent Tones to get me through Wednesday, as I read the manual and come up to speed on the programming of the device.

Any guidance would be helpful.


Thanks in advance.


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I think your best bet would be to do a search of customtone. Yeah, there are over 4,000 tones, but just type in a song, band, or something close to what you're looking for. You may have to tweak 'em a bit and some might need nothing at all - depends on how different your guitar and live setup is. Check them thru HD500 Edit for pre or full amps and mixer settings - again, depending on your personal setup. I found a lot of great tones - some of which needed only minimal tweaking.

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Thanks for recommendation. Never searched or purchased tones before, even with the X3 (yes, really a novice).  Should I search for HD500X tones only or will the HD500 tones work just as well? 

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