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Helix into MarkBass CMD 121p


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I have previously test my bass through the Helix/Mark Bass Combo - sounds great


Also used the MARKbass as emergency keyboard amp at a gig recently


I never thought to try guitar - and it works great too


Normally use a tech 21 power engine but this might be even better sounding - it is lighted and louder

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I used Helix into the effects return of my Mesa Walkabout amp and Scout 112 cab for bass.  Love it!  Although when running guitar into that setup, things got a little weird.  The Simul-State tube driven MOSFET power section and the extended low thump of the Scout cab passive radiator did no favors for guitar.


I owned a Markbass CMD 121H in a few years and remember it being pretty transparent and flat response.  I wouldn't call it FRFR, but it was closer than my current Mesa rig.


I've actually had my eye on the Accugrove (formerly only a bass cab manufacturer) Latte powered FRFR cab for a while now since it can pull double duty guitar and bass.  I got a quote from Accugroove and I think it was around $1500 or so...ouch.




Anyway, I think your logic and experience with the Markbass CMD 121P makes sense.  Helix through a fairly flat and transparent bass rig should sound pretty good.

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Hey! I was burning life at both ends with family, job, and music. I was working from home in 2016 when I was really active here. Back in the office last year.


Just moved to New York state from the heartland. Taking a break from gigging and just playing at home with wifey. Nice change of pace.

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