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Variax 600, Rackvax Gk12 In And Thru Home Build

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This is my newly completed GK13 adapter project and Demo.

I bought the 600 with the Adapter as part of the deal off E Bay.










Rackvax made with Variax 600 and Rackvax 13 pin adapter for GK in and thru.

Allows Synth access and VAriax modeling with any GK equipped Guitar.

Housed in a 1964 Dom Perignon presentation box for Champagne Tone.



Check out my Variax Transplant Videos.



Viking Sound Cooperative, Let us build one for you e mail for quote today!



Dom Perignon 64 Tasting Notes


1964 Dom Perignon Oenotheque Brut Champagne

SKU #1016846

The vintage of the century in Champagne, 1964 was perfect. A rare chance to drink a piece of history.



As with Guitar Tone WIne tasting is subjective.





1/12/2013 - BRADE WROTE:

Krug 1964 was a fun champagne to taste, but it was the weakest link of in a trio of 64's. 1964 Moet from magnum was good, but not the lights out mag had last year. And both were obliterated by a great bottle of 64 DP.


12/25/2006 - ANONYMOUS WROTE:

Slight mousse left despite some obvious seepage. Deep golden color. Burnt orange and brown sugar/coffee nose. Somewhat heavy palate lacks the vibrancy that a healthy mousse would provide. Not bad straight from the bottle, and with clear old Champagne flavors, but deteriorates quickly in the glass to a tired, angular wine.

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Hi Clayman, I have been doing some work on the shielding in the Teliax so I can use the mags at the same time as the Variax. A 4 voice demo. Teliax, Rackvax, Telecaster Mags and VG88 Cosm Model soon!

I am delighted with both the Teliax and Rackvax it is also nice to be able to drive a Synth with the GK thru on the Rackvax in conjunction with the Variax modelling. Endless tonal pallette very compelling.

Glad you liked the video heres a bit of 12 Bar.



edited Short P90 Rackvax Teliax 12 Bar Jam

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