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Using ABCD mode FS to change Bias channel simultaneously with MIDI

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I don't want to waffle, so here is what I know:


  • In ABCD mode, bank 1 is controlled via MIDI PC 00-03, bank 2 is 04-07, etc.
  • Bias Head channels are controlled with PC signals 00-24 (user-defined, 1 per preset), supposedly on channel 1

When I switch between rhythm, clean, lead, and breakdown patches in my POD, I want there to be a corresponding amp change in my Bias head. Is this possible? I don't mind using the FS switch above the ABCD switch to change the amp separately, but ideally, I want them on the same switch. Is this possible?

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The POD sends a fixed PC #01A (preset A on bank 1).

This command will switch to the Amp you decided to use the #001 in the BIAS Amp App (take a closer look at the settings at the right corner).


AFAIK the MDI assignments are set to #001 for the first Amp in the clean bank, #002 for the second and so on...

If you assign a MIDI change number to a custom amp, this should overwrite the default assigned amp.


You can either sort your POD patches around your BIAS Amps or those Amps around your POD patches.

It's your descision. But without any doubt it is doable ;)

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Bradd_91 did you ever figure it out i am trying to do this with the exact setup and i can only get changes on my bias rack in the pod with FS1 to FS4 in the same patch if I try it using the FS5 to FS8 in a ABCD footswitch setup it doesnt do anything, please help if you can

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