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Spider V WoW


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Thank you line 6


I have to say I am 110% living mine!!


I just today after many hours dialing in a few patches for my original band tone, and I am picky about tone as many are, got it set up the way I want it, and it sounds amazing!!!

I am so in love with my tone right now I cant stop smiling, it sounds amazing!!


It sounds like I am playing through the Road King 2 Mesa head which is exactly what I was going for, and only with a tube driven distortion, not even maxed out, it sounds great, a Godsmack type of deep tone.


I was worried at first as it can be overwhelming but I simplified the matter and just worked at it everyday a little and worked with 1 amp that I was able to get set up really well, then I only added one pedal a basic tube driven dist, and wow after messing with the amp settings, and the front panel amp settings, tada!! its perfect!!


Love this thing, it sounds like a very expensive tube amp and yet has so many features its just an awesome piece of equipment for the money I cant imagine anything better.


I havent even begun to appreciate the other features, I am a songwriter so I cant wait to sit and record a little section I need to send of to the guys before practice so they can hear what I am working on, I can even include drums on it.

Being able to set it up on my pc and dial it in with a graphical interface is awesome!!! and having at my toe a wah, or delay, or echo, or whatever on top of everything else is realy cool.

I have a gig in a week and a half, first one with the new amp, I cant wait to go to practice with this thing dialed in as it is right now and watch their faces.

Nobody expects much from these amps fro some reason, but I cant see why.



Is it perfect? no, it could use a few changes, a charging mode, a solo boost, an easier way to program the midi fbv foot controller.


But for $450 you can do a lot worse.

I am very happy with mine.

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LUMPER........Received my Spider V 240 combo a couple of weeks ago.  It is a beast!  I am still going thru all the amp an fx possibilities.  It may take awhile!!!  Nice clear tones or dirty if you choose.  Ther are a lot of metal tones.  This amp along with the Variax  Standard is a scientist's dream.!  You can cook up or develop about ant sound you desire...if you do enough tweaking!  I am really happy with this dynamic duo!!!       I guess we both made the right choices!

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On 3/20/2018 at 8:14 AM, everybodylineup said:

That's awesome. Do you have the combo or the head? 

I have the head the 240hc.


The only thing so far I have found to be an issue, well two things.


Tonight I went to practice with my band, and I had spent the last few days dialing in what I thought was a great patch, really very tube driven and percussive, it was great, until I got to band and had to crank up to vol, then not so much, I had to bring the head home again to go back to work on it, that was disappointing but I will figure it out.


The other thing is the function 2 button, where it is you can easily accidentally press it while adding modulation or clicking on the comp, and then all of a sudden if you are not paying attention the looper will record and in time , play it back, lol I found this out at a gig last week, I am going to make a little bracket and screw it on the footboard to cover that function so when I play live I dont do that again.

Otherwise I love it.

I did want to buy a boutique tune amp like a Mesa Road King or sim but they are $4k, so now my mission is to emulate that tube driven tone with this head, and all in all I like what I am finding.

Just takes a lot of tweaking, tons of options.




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Solo boost - you can set that up yourself and assign it to a footswitch.  Just assign for example a compressor effect with GAIN turned up as loud as you want, assign it and bam - you're done !  Works great except that the foot switches are so close together horizontally that I often end up stepping on the bottom row switches instead of the top row switch to which I assigned the effect !  Several people have complained about this "defect" and also about having the capability to swap the switch rows so you can assign effects to the bottom row and use the top row to select presets in a bank.

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LOL yeah I have found the same prob I hit function 2 at a show and was surprised when it started playing back, lol Im going to make a bracket and put it on there at shows,
I like to dial in my tone as close as I can at home with the head then go to band and plug in my mesa and see what I have, so for it is close, but im still not happy, I know I will get there, its just a process for me, the more choices the longer it takes.


Today I went through my patches and adjusted only the mics for example and ten that led me to dialing in the amps basic eq settings again as I did and a few hours later im no closer to my tone, but I got through that part.

I will eventually go through all the high gain amps.

Im trying to keep it to an amp and a tube screamer or a tube distortion only, and then have chorus set but off, a little reverb and a delay off but at the ready for solos, but my rhythm will just be the amp and one of the two pedals with reverb.

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I did set up the comp for the boost, it isnt quite the same and it does change the tone, but it works, it is either that or make a louder duplicate patch and just put it in bank 2, of the 4 bank section.

I like to have my main rhythm in 1, then a softer version in 2, for punching into clean channel songs with a distortion but faint, I leave 3 open and in 4 I have my clean tone, so I have room to add one more and I can just put in a 3rd volume so 1 loud, 2 less, 3 soft, 4 clean and that way in some patches where I use a compressor I still have a boost available.

I am still experimenting, todday I got pretty close to a great tone, now just a little more tweaking and dialing at vol to make sure it translates.

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