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Acoustic 700 Bridge unglued and fell off

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So I have an Acoustic 700 that is long out of warranty and in my possession 10 or so years.


A few years back the bridge starting lifting off the body. It looks like the bridge was glued to finished body rather than the wood of the body and then finished around it. Maybe that’s normal protocol, dunno....


I stopped using it and began searching for a repair. At the time, my local line 6 certified techs would only work on electronic issues, not body repair. A luthier wouldn’t touch it because it was a “unique and uncommon instrumentâ€... I believe he was full of crap... Another would only agree to fill the lifting area with glue and clamp it.


Well that failed. I used the guitar for about a week and the bridge again lifted and eventually came completely off.


It has since sat, bridgeless, in my music room.


It’s a fun guitar and plays great and I’d love to repair it (or maybe even do some sort of transplant).


Any ideas were I can get a replacement bridge or how to repair it? I’ll try to post pics later....



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