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Variax Jtv 89 Jazzbox With Kemper Profiling Amp

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Hi folks

some weeks ago I bought a Variax JTV 89 and was not really convinced. I decided to send it back although I liked the guitar as such. Some days later I have seen one again for 565 Euro at Thomann in Germany and gave it a second try.  I especially like the playability of it.


I somehow discovered that it is probably not right to expect when you switch from one model to the other  that all sounds great right aways. It needs a bit tweaking and change of mindset. Then it can be quite nice. So the second JTV 89 became my "friend" and stays.


For demo purposes I recorded a short loop ..left side Variax Tyler Jazzbox model with Kemper Andy Deluxe Reverb profile ( Right side same Variax Tyler with a Kemper Hendrikksen amp profile (a typical Jazz amp). Plus a Jazz bass in the background. Nothing special just to demonstrate Variax and Kemper sounds

If you are interested.... here you can hear it. In my ears it sounds quite like a big jazz guitar with a lot of wood and percussion in the tone.…ack-to-showcase

What I have learned is that when one is dedicating style and some sound adjustments, the Variax can sound really ok for demos and composition.



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