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Is there anyway of displaying all available tones in cloud? When i search for a tone i have to be specific, It would be nice for example to leaving the search box empty and after pressing search would display all tones for.

Anyone knows a way to display all tones?





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There are thousands of tones, so display all would not be very helpful. In fact due to the way the storing of sounds works results in tens of duplicates of every tone, since anyone who tweaks the tone just a little bit or stores it to "my tones" will be listed as author of the tone, with no link/indication back on the original one. So if you then go and save your version of the tone to have it as favorite and just edit the volume to match your other tones, you have another duplicate....

Rather than displaying all, I wish for a more detailed search, i.e. explicit songtitle or artist, or explicit filter to exclude all without cabsimulation. Or a filter "only show tones based on amp xy". Or once you have a nice tone, having an easy way to "show more tones from this author" is missing..

Also there's no way to easily link a song's clean sound with its distortion/lead preset.

So not sure what you would do with a list of all tones, where let's say 500 would be Metallica tones, of which 400 are just minor modifications to 100 actually different tones.

My guess is that your actual question is a different one :-)

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