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HD500X Tuner stopped working?

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Tuner on the unit doesn't work anymore on Guitar In (I can go to tuner view but no line appear when trying to tune), seems ok when using Variax input.

I tried to reinstall firmware but it didn't change anything.

I don't understand what I'm missing, some ideas?


EDIT: problem solved: on the unit, Input1 was set on Variax, just had to switch to Guitar and it's ok.



I'm having the same issue, tuner on my Pod HD500X quit showing line or acknowledging my guitar. I haven't moved the system, and it was working fine about an hour ago. I don't use the Variax at all, and don't even see an "input 1" to be able to switch between variax and guitar - (like the solution that was an apparent fix to the earlier post here). I have great signal from guitar through the Pod, so it's not a cord etc. 

Any help is appreciated because I have a gig coming up and this is my main squeeze!

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