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Trying to get a certain tone


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So I was in the market for a Fractal Axe II but ended up going with the Helix to try out. My main goal was to try an emulate a band that I'm kind of addicted to right now, Polyphia. I see a bunch of custom tones on other platforms on this site for them, but none for the Helix.

So far I haven't had any luck trying to replicate their sound myself. Is anyone willing to try and help me out or have any advice? I'm trying to match the lead tone to their song "Champagne." 


Thanks for any help.

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Have you made any progress on this tone?


Based on their latest track "G.O.A.T.", they use a mid-gain amp with a gain set up almost to break-up, middle pickup positions, and a girth-ey amount of bass. I'd say try a signal chain as follows: compressor to taste --> overdrive pedal (TS808 is my favorite) with minimal gain, tone and level around 7-9 -> a mid-gain amp like the Solo Crunch or any of the Brits with gain around 2-4-ish, bass adjusted to get the right amount of resonance, mid and treble to taste (probably around 6), presence around 7-8, master vol at 5 but adjust it to get more break up (then dial back gain) -> cab IR personal preference and probably the most important tone shaping part of the chain -> reverb plate mix around 15%.


Alternatively, you could try a dual amp patch with a really clean amp like the US Double Nrm and a mid-gain amp.

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