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Adding a trem to an 89 non F

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I would very much doubt it.

The obvious first problem is all of the routing required to fit the trem in and potentially shift the existing electronics out of the way. Less obvious perhaps is that the main CPU board is tuned for the type of guitar so you would need to change that too.

Even if you can get all of the hardware and know someone who can do the routing and fitting without serious damage to the guitar, I cannot see how it would be cheaper than doing an exchange for a 89F.

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35 minutes ago, sketchers356 said:

I really want to play with the trem.  How could I do an exchange to be competitive with getting the routing/trem mounted?  Any other ideas?

There's no way to do what you want efficiently or cost effectively... and even if you manage to pull it off, the sonic results are very likely to be sub-par. Just return it, and get the guitar you want. You can't turn an apple into an orange. 

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You need one of these


One of these


Some how get your hands on a JTV89F in order to make a routing template


Oh and let's not forget a pair of these




Or you could just get one with a Floyd in it. That's what I would do.

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