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FX Loop - Line 6 Spider Valve MKII HD100 + Pod HD500


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I tried to connect the Pod HD500 to my Spider Valve MKII HD 100 using the Fx Loop.
But I don't get it working properly.

Can anymone give me advise how to connect them using the 4 cable method and what I need to change in my POD tones in order to make it working in the FX loop?
Thanks for your comments ;-)

Best regards


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One other thing that might affect the tone you get in 4CM. This caught me out for ages...the volume knob on the HD500 which is part of the amp controls....I didn't realise that if the amp is bypassed or disabled, this knob still controls the volume passing through the amp block. This bypass volume is stored as a separate value in the patch (separate from the 'Amp on' volume level). So, if you happen to have turned this down and you are using 4CM with the modelled amp bypassed or disabled your tone will sound dull and lifeless and not have as much gain as you would expect.

Just another thing to check... 

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If you had a MK1, I would say 4CM would be worth it...With a MK2 (have both amps)m the HD models and FX are much better than anything in the MK2 modeler...I would suggest, just go Power amp in off the 1/4 out and avoid the 4CM complexity...just my opinion.

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On 3/22/2018 at 4:18 PM, carmueller73 said:

Hi spaceatl,

I am a bit confused. Just to make sure I got it right, you would use the Chorus, Reverb and Delay from directly the Amp ?
Pod500 Send Out --> Amp In --> Speaker


No, I am saying do not bother with the SV preamp or 4CM...Just setup your patches on the HD and connect a 1/4 out to the SV Power Amp in...4CM is NOT worth it on the MK2 IMHO...MK1 is totally worth it to my ears as those models were tweaked by RB and still hold up today...Especially with an SV PRE...This is just my opinion...All the same FX are in HD and sound way better to my ears than the MK2 modeler...

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