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So I just bought a Pod HD500X and it has this problem that many people seem to be having with it. 
Often, it will reboot itself randomly over and over again until I unplug it or, occasionally, until I stop playing.

I am using the provided power supply and not only have I tried other 500x power supplies but I went to guitar center and bought a new one and it's doing the same thing.

Basically I haven't seen this problem resolved so I'm posting this hoping to figure out a solution for everybody who's struggling with these faulty Pods.



I've rebooted myself, holding down the left arrow while plugging in power, to no avail.

I've tried updating using Line 6 monkey, but it doesn't show up in the list of devices.

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Mine just started doing this randomly during gigs.  Somewhere in the last set, it reboots and when it does, clicking on FS5 (A) causes it to reboot again.  Sometimes, if I go to a different patch, then, back to my main patch it stops the reboot loop.  Is this a sagging power supply issue?

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56 minutes ago, jamesprevallet said:

Is this a sagging power supply issue?


It could be.


If you have a friend with the same device ask him to try his power supply..


Generally a power supply for this device should have the following specs:

9V DC, 1100mA or more, (3000mA if the device is powering also a Variax), barrel size: diameter: 5mm, center pin (negative): 2.5mm


The original DC-3G specs:



...and here is a compatible PS which works perfectly and costs less:


UpBright 9V AC/DC Adapter Compatible with Line 6 DC-3g



All about POD HD500/X

help and useful tips

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