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Help with Helix Rack and Studio one

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So i took delivery of my Helix Rack today and spent all morning playing around with it , had to use a headset plugged into the helix as my monitor speakers do not arrive until tomorrow morning, anyway i open up Studio one 3 pro and make sure Helix is the interface,create a track and press the track monitoring button in Studio one , all i heard was static and noise, a signal is getting into studio one but i was unable to monitor it in my headset (maybe this is because i had the headset plugged into my Helix rack ) no idea

I have also gone into windows sound settings and made sure the Helix has 24bit 44000Hz selected,which is what i record with 

The funny thing is , i opened Sonar Platinum and that worked fine , albeit very laggy which is unusual as when i was using a Presonus Usb interface it never lagged at all 


I,m pretty sure i need to change some settings maybe on the Rack before i open a DAW or something  ?

The other quick question is , when i get my Monitor speakers tomorrow , can i have all pc audio coming out of them ,even though they will be connected to the Rack and if i can , then what do i need to do  ? 

Dont really want the full display active while say i am watching Netflix on the bed haha


I will keep an eye on this thread so i can reply as fast as possible to any questions


Thanks for reading 



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