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I've had my HX Effects for about a week, and understand that it can output to 2 amps using the 7 cable method.  What I'm not seeing specifically in the manual is whether those 2 amps can be alternated, such that Presets can be programmed to route to one amp or the other, but not both.  

Put another way, I know that the HX Effects' outputs in 7cm would route into the effects loop returns of the 2 amps, but how do I program a Preset to send only to Output 1 or only to Output 2?  Am I right that the only way to do this would be to pan Presets going to amp 1 all the way to one side and Presets going to amp 2 all the way to the other?   I wouldn't be able to use effects in stereo, but I don't mind.  

I can also loop the HX Effects into my ES-8, and run the HX Effects with midi from the ES-8, but I thought the HX Effects would essentially make the ES-8 obsolete. Keeping the ES-8 in my rig solely for this purpose would be overkill, not to mention that I wouldn't be able to fully use the HX Effects as I'd hoped due to this one issue.

Thanks for your help!

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I have my Helix set up this way. I use path A for one amp and path B for the other. I have the output block of each path hard panned so each signal stays separate.


It sounds like you want to use the same path and effects for each amp using one at a time. You could just assign the output panning to a foot switch or snapshot setting and achieve this. 

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How do you do this in your Helix? The routing options in HX are different.


I want to run two amps together, Tube Screamer etc in front of both amps, then delays and reverbs in the amp loops. But I'm having big issues.

- I don't know how the signal chain should be configured to set up 7 cable method into the fx loops of two amps.

- Because the setup isn't correct, I currently I get a lot of noise as both amps are sending the preamp to the other amp! Basically both preamps are blended on each amp.

- How do I ensure delays and other effects are stereo - as in ping-pong delay etc.

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