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Expression Pedals with HX Effects

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I just got the Mission Aero EP- 25- Pro, very sweet pedal BTY! So far.... but.... I connected it to HXFX, EXP 1, learned the EXP 1 to increase decay on a reverb, or increase feedback on a delay. Set the parameters to 0% heel and 100% toe. Problem... Starting at heel down I'm at 0%....midway through the sweep to full toe it goes to 100% and begins to descend back down to 0% and is at 0% again at the the toe. Starting from the Toe position at 0% as I pull the pedal back towards the heel, the same thing happens... 0% Toe....midway 100% descending back down to 0% finally resting at the heel... I have tried all three outputs on the Mission, 1 and 2 act the same, 3 does nothing. I am using the same cable I was using on the last expression pedal that worked fine. (Line 6 EP) The cable is a single ring.. I would like to be able to go from 0% at the heel to 100% at the toe, and vice versa. Is this possible with this pedal? Any help would be GREATLY appreciated!!

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Actually I did solve the problem! Thank you for asking. I opened the pedal up. Inside is a a few dip switches. I think there was one for all three of the outputs. I simply moved the switch to the other position for the output I was using and just like that....   problem solved!!

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