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Helix Firmware 2.54 - did anybody notice?


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The downloads page lists Helix 2.54, but the notice on this forum didn't get updated and it doesn't look like many people noticed.

Anybody tried it yet? (says a person who is stuck in Chicago a long way from his Helix until next week).

H E L I X  2.54 Release Notes

Bug Fixes

- Pop noise can occur when exiting Tuner in four cable method setup with FX loop block engaged and audio playing upon entering and exiting Tuner -FIXED

-In rare cases, Helix AES clock/audio/SPDIF can glitch and/or drop every 40-60 mins -FIXED

- other bug fixes and improvements

Known Issues

- No CC Toggle MIDI data is sent when changing between different Snapshots that feature CC Toggle command assignments in Lit state

- In rare cases, a crash can occur when creating an Input or Output in HX Edit (moving split/join to B path) while having a None block selected

- In rare cases, PC messages are sent after Instant Commands on preset load, resulting in perceived delayed response by the device receiving MIDI

- Shuriken Variax bank names will not appear in firmware until Helix is connected to a Mac/PC and Workbench HD is launched

- In rare cases, pitch artifacts may be heard on selected delay blocks when the Time parameter is set to Note Sync values higher than 1/2 Triplet


OS: Mac OS X, Mac OS Jaguar, Mac OS Panther, Mac OS Leopard, Windows 7, Mac OS Snow Leopard, Mac OS Lion, Mac OS Mountain Lion, Windows 8, Mac OS Mavericks, Mac OS Yosemite, Windows 10, Mac OS El Capitan, macOS Sierra, macOS High Sierra 

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According to Line6(Frank Ritchotte even though it is not listed in the bug fix notes for 2.54 they have actually fixed the issue where you could not get the proper level of saturation with the 'Mix' control on the new HX Mono reverbs. Yay!


Btw, seems worth mentioning that at least as of the writing of this post the latest version of HX Edit is 2.52 and the latest version of the firmware is 2.54. These two are at least for now a matching pair. I also got prompted by the 1.12 version of the Line6 Updater (automatically installed by the 2.52 HX Edit package) to upgrade to the 1.14 version of the Line6 Updater. So go grab the latest version of the Updater before you do this firmware update. If you are already on the 2.52 version of HX Edit you will not need to update the editor(yet?). You will just be upgrading your firmware with the latest Line6 Updater. Good on Line6 for having the Updater prompt me for the latest version. Don't know if it did this in the past as I always had the latest version already but the upgrade process in general is definitely improving all the time.

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Anyone else having a problem with the tuner audio routing? 


I have mine mine set to send audio to Send 3/4 when the tuner is on... but nothing is sent. Same for Send 1/2, although 1/4” and multi work. 


Sends work fine outside the tuner screen. 


Worked fine prior to update. 

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On 24/3/2018 at 2:04 AM, phastings said:

The SPDIF dropout issue appears to be fixed!  I've tested for about 2 hrs and have not had a dropout.  It used to dropout around 30 minutes or so.


Unfourtunately for me, I'm still having dropouts using S/PDIF after this 2.54 update ( Helix Floor > Roland Octa-Capture )



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On 3/25/2018 at 9:57 PM, zooey said:

Yes, others have reported that 2.54 broke external tuner out. There's a thread about it.


Hi. Can you please point me to the thread? I use the external out to my turbo tuner. Thanks 

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1 hour ago, marmatkat said:


Hi. Can you please point me to the thread? I use the external out to my turbo tuner. Thanks 


Not sure what the link is for the thread but essentially it boils down to if you want to use external out on the tuner out you have to roll back to the 2.53 firmware. It is a known bug in the 2.54 firmware. I am sure it is on their short list to fix it in the next firmware revision.

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10 hours ago, Makron said:

I use simple pitch to drop tunning (all strings) of my guitar, mix 100% to move E standard to Eb standard, D standard, ETC... Now with lot of artifacts..


It was never a polyphonic pitch shifter, on any firmware version. It's surprising you were ever able to make it work reliably. 

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