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Jerry Cantrell Tone


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I have been looking for the right tone for Jerry Cantrell, I prefer the tone he has now, on the last two albums although I do love the Bogners! I was on the Spider App, looking in the cloud for a really good one but I cant find one that's worth saving or even tweaking...Anyone have any suggestions? I cant afford the Friedman so I figured this was the best bet. I am in an AIC tribute, been playing in it for 8 years, but im constantly chasing the tone...I use G&L's as well...Any advice or help would be appreciated! Thanks!

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Start with a Marshall. Like the 900. Use the EQ in post to shape the cab model you pick. Gain kind of lower so the amp model has more punch and not as thin. If you need a drive, put in in front. Touch of Reverb. Assign a wah. That's all I did for Man in a Box. Other modulation fx and delays will be needed for songs like Rooster, Would, and so on. You can do it in one patch if you have the FBV3. Assign to the FX2,3 and 4, switches.


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I started playing around with this after reading your post.  I haven't used the Bomber in my live setup, but they do sound very good.  I thought they were a little mild on the top end until I changed the default mic from 47A to 421.  Also helps to change the cab to one of the 3x12 brit.

I have leaned heavily on the Diezel (Diety) amps for this kind of tone.  I think they cut through very well with my band and the other guitarist.  

I have been disappointed a couple of times when trying to apply the EQ, as it can sound awesome at home and then its not right at the rehearsal.   EQ can get pretty wild with volume changes I guess... its best as a last resort.

Sometimes, if I'm having trouble, I will play a riff on my looper pedal and then just scroll through the amps, cabs and mics to find the sound.


Also check this youtube you can hear some isolated parts of Cantrells guitar on Them Bones

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