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Anyone have HX effects presets they wanna share?


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On 3/24/2018 at 9:28 AM, smith_curry said:

This thing doesn't come with many and I'm sure there are some talented peeps out there that have made some good ones...Should be easy to share with the editor, right?


Can the editor do this yet for the HX Effects? I didn't think it could...


Be careful with presets... they are created with different guitars, different amps, different monitoring situations, etc... etc... With past devices I have NEVER succeeded in finding something I like from someone else's preset. Even with the HX - the moment I got it home I loaded a blank patch into every location so I could start fresh :) 


I don't mind seeing peoples chains and settings as a guideline... but I'll use that info to build  my own patches because I know "their settings" will not work with my gear! 


On 5/5/2018 at 11:33 AM, derado27 said:

I'm still tweaking but here is a Basic effects board for HX 



I was just looking at the settings in a text editor and see Variax settings, two DSP's, etc... etcc.... Isn't that a Helix preset?

I thought the OP was asking about the HX Effects? 

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I do have a few U2 presets in my HX Effects, bust as said before...depends on guitar and specially amps used.

*How are you guys exporting the presets? My HX Edit is not allowing to do that...always an error message on screen (PC).

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