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Spider Valve 112 - smaller control board

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My first Line 6 amp was a Spider Valve 112 (original version) and sometime ago the it pretty much died and I benched tested it and ruled IN the smaller PCB (the one controlling the LCD, Volume, Input, etc. It is connected via a ribbon cable to the longer board behind all the channel FX controls. 


Does anyone have a 112 they want to sell for parts (if that board is okay) or a resource for a new one ??


fullcompass online has parts, however, not anything like this. 


Yes I have searched eBay and other sites. 


Please contact me at: n944la ‘at’ gmail ‘dot’ com if you have any resources or are selling one. 


It it would be the left most board in the pic below...w/ the LCD display 


A15: UI RIGHT - 35-00-0247-1

REV A   7-JUNE-2007


Thank You


Tim Dickerson





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Hi Tim, this post is pretty old from last year. Did you get your issue resolved? If not, and you are still looking for this board I do have a new one. It is actually the entire 35-00-0247 board assembly. Both the Left, Right, and Input boards are actually captive to one another. Let me know.

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