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New music with LOTS of Native

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Greetings Line 6 users. So, I just finished a thing that I thought denizens of this forums might have interest in. 


I just finished a cycle based on the classical elements. It's instrumental rock with some prog and video game/electronic influences. All the guitars are recorded with Line 6 Helix Native - in fact, Helix Native is all over the cycle, being used on almost all the synths and even occasionally the drums.  It was absolutely essential to writing this piece, and crazy-convenient to be able to pull my live patches into Native and tweak them to different songs.  Also, I really loved having an interface and effects I was familiar with for when the "sound I heard in my head" for synth of drums required effects - instead of mucking about with who-knows-what VST, I could just reach for Native and double-quick have the effect I was going for.  Awesome.  (Overkill?  Probably.  But the workflow was completely worth it.)

Also for the interested, all the electric guitars and basses are Carvins. The only other guitars are an Alvarez acoustic that is only on "Four Months."


Let me know what you guys think. I've been mostly teaching lately, so this is the first thing I've written in a while. 

If the playlist doesn't work on the embedded video, click the Youtube icon to open in Youtube or a direct link here.

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