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Helix + Variax Double Track Sound


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I was jamming to some tracks the last couple of days, and a lot of the artists I am into (Alter Bridge, Evanescence, etc.) have a full sound with doubled guitar tracks.  


I woke up this morning on a mission to do this for myself.  Using Evanescence Going Under as a go-by, I messed around with dual signal paths with delays, phasing, etc. I just wasn't getting what I wanted.  It just didn't feel or sound like true double-tracked guitar.  Then I though about my poor, lonely Variax JTV-59.


I setup a Helix preset, taking advantage of the ever-so-slight time/phase difference between Variax Mags and Models, each as an input on separate, but identical signal paths.  This was exactly what I was going for!


Now I'm sure the preset masters Line 6, Glenn D., Fremen, etc. probably have this in their packs somewhere, but I wanted to do this for myself.  This is one take with only footswitch Snapshots in the preset.


Helix Preset on Custom Tone using Helix Cabs, no IR's



https://www.dropbox.com/s/3jwpnf9687kf9sf/Hlx Vax Dbl Trk.JPG?dl=0


Here is a simple, dry scratch guitar track (with a few oops's) of Evanescence Going Under just to get the idea.  

  • Verse - Variax Mags signal Path
  • Chorus - Variax Mags & Variax Model paths panned L & R
  • Solo - Variax Mags & Variax Model paths panned L & R, wah toe switch engages both wahs and Teemah! distortion blocks on both paths.




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Try it with different amps or at least different cabs on each side. Also 20-30ms 100% wet on one side. All my patches are like that but play mostly clean.


i use different amps, cabs, reverbs and delays on each side. If I use a phaser or chorus also different on each side.

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