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POD HD500X Problems


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Okay so I just recently bought this hd500x but, for some reason it keeps turning off while I'm playing. Like first the lights of the tap and all the top buttons would turn off but the light of the preset I'm on wouldn't. Then shortly after the light of the preset I'm on would turn off the and the screen would just go black. I would disconnect and reconnect it but the screen would just stay black. It makes me wait like 30 minutes before it actually starts working again. But then 15 minutes later the same thing would happen again. Can someone tell me what this is?

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If you bought it new, send it back for warranty or return it. 

If you bought it used, you now know why... I would be going back to the seller if I were you! 


If the product is used.... Make sure you are running the right power supply, and make sure the power supply is good. It could be the supply that is failing, not the HD500. 

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