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M20d recording level is extremely low...why ?

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Hello, i find great that the M20d can record the full band while playing...the sound quality is excellent too.
I noticed though, that the level of the recorded file is extremely sounds loud when played back on the M20d itself ...but when imported into a computer, for example into Audacity, you can see the waveform is a very thin line....and playes back extremely soft.
You need to normalize the audio to get to a "normal" volume.

Is there anything to do on the M20d to set the recording level higher than this ?
Many thanks if anyone has noticed this before...

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The signal that is recorded is tapped off of the DAC, after the input trim, so turning up the trim would increase the levels, but you may not want to do that. It's really not that big of a deal if the levels are coming in low. You can raise them easily after the fact by normalizing them, like you said. Just don't normalize them to 0dB.

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