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Pod HD500x Settings with L2t Speaker - Pre amp or Amp?


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Has anyone worked how to get the best sound from a Pod HD500x with the  L2t  powered speaker - It is not obvious whether to use the full amp models or just the Pre-amps because the electric setting on the speaker emulates an electric guitar amp so logically it would seem that using the pre-amp versions in the pod not the full amp models should sound better - sorry if this is covered  I could not find anything on this so far?

Ps I am using a variax JTV Pod Hd500x and Sounsource L2t

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Thanks for the post this makes sense to me although on a line six video the demo mentions the interaction between a variax/pod and the electric setting that doesn't seem to make sense as the Amp modelling is supposed to accurately create this - I will try it set to flat response and edit my patches with full amp models - will report back if I have sny significant findings. I did find that the 4cm (4 cable method) was cumbersome - ultimately it seems if this is the way things are going the old tube amp system could be on the way out?

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