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Pod Xt And Fbv Express Calibration Problem

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heres my detailed problem... all lights on fbv go on (so they are actually working), then after some seconds only "vol" led turns on. At this stage I can change between A to D, pedal is not doing anything although when I press it hard the sound changes and the "vol" light goes off but the effect is not controlled


Then I do as it's written in the instruction you offered:


1) Unplug the RJ45 cable from your FBV EXPRESS


2) Move the expression pedal all the way to the toe down position


3) Hold down the A and D switches88


4) Plug in your RJ45 with the switches still depressed and hold this for 10 seconds (you will see the LED go blank)


- that's when something is wrong - I press the switches, plug in the cable, lights flash, then I wait for about 10 seconds, when it's about 8 seconds - the "vol" lights on and it doesn't go blank


5) Move the expression pedal to the heel position and then all the way forward to the toe.


- then I do this, the "vol" led slightly flashes while moving the pedal (I guess it's ok)


6) Shift all of your weight to the toe position (you will want to stand up) until the WAH light switches on.


- I do this, but the "vol" light goes off and the "wah" light doesn't go on


7) Wait 10 seconds and click back to VOL. Your FBV EXPRESS is now calibrated.


- I wait and try to change back to "vol" but nothing lights on again.


So finally I get the completely blank fbv with no lights on which still changes presets A to D and hard press on the pedal changes from volume to wah but the effects themselves aren't controlled.


And when I turn the whole thing off and then on I get what I had at the start - same, just with "vol" led on.


i dont know what to do .

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