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Hi All,


Firstly apologies if this has already been covered.


I have had a DT25 and POD HD500X for a year or so and am struggling to get a good setlist together.


All I really want is a classic 4 patch setup, clean, crunchy, heavy and lead.


I love the sound of the DT25 on its own but am really struggling to find a great setlist with the two devices combined to the point where I'm wondering if I should sack the POD off and just start from scratch.


It would be a shame as the POD is so versatile.


Anyway, If anyone has any tips or advice id really appreciate it.





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Although it takes awhile... for me, it was worth sticking with both (dt25 and HD500x).  Awesome sounds.  I also use the four patch method (to a point).. i like have it set to have 8 different effects on one patch... my clean patch can get dirty, but the dirty patch is the heaviest.  


Attached is one of the main set lists I use.  The first 5 banks are used with the DT25 and HD500x.  Banks 6 through 10 are used with the HD500x going straight to the PA (or into the effects return of another amp)... and banks11 through 16 (mainly bank 16a) are used with my acoustic and the HD500x straight into the PA.


For your case, I suggest starting with bank 1 .


hope that helps.

Master 12-29-17 (2).5xs

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