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Finally installed gearbox on High Sierra... And it's working 100%


Here's what I did.

  • Download Gearbox 3.72 DMG
  • Double click on the DMG package
    • Right clicking on the Package Icon
    • Left clicking 'View Package Contents'
  • Double Click on Contents
  • Double Click on Packages
    • Right Click the package and Select open.
    • This will run the installer for the individual package
  • Some packages may not install properly, but don't worry...
    • For each Package:
      • Right Click and view package contents (see above)
      • Navigate to the folder /Content/Resources/english.lprog/
      • Double click on the file the ends with .info
      • This should open as a text file. In the text file will be information about where the contents of the package were supposed to be installed.
      • Make a note of the location
      • Navigate to  the folder /Content/Resources/ and double click on the .gz file
      • Copy the extracted file
      • Navigate to the target location  you made a note of above
      • If the file isn't there, paste it to that location
  • Reboot the machine
  • Open Monkey, and get and the latest driver.
  • After you install the latest driver, make sure Monkey can see your POD.
  • Open System Preferences:
    • Under Security and Privacy General tab, if there is an exception for the line 6 package, click to allow it
    • Make sure the Line 6 Audio Midi Tab is also there
  • Now you should be good to go...


The biggest problem I had initially was  Gearbox saying that the driver for the X3 was incompatible or something like that... It turns out that the Gearbox uses 2 drivers... The first is the MIDI driver, which its happy to use the latest and greatest downloaded via Monkey. The second is the Audio Driver... The Audio driver was one of the  things  that didn't install properly when I installed each package...


Someone else may want to make a more concise set of instructions... I spent a while messing with this... The really neat thing though are the .info files because they tell you what is supposed to be installed and where.


Oh and if you can't see the Library folder(s) you may need to right click in finder and tell it to let you see it... Or you might have to do something at the Command Prompt... I am pretty sure I enables all of that on my MAC way back, and I can't remember exactly how you do it.


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My system is Mojave and everything went well.
One note is not to install the latest driver, make sure Monkey can see your POD.
Install before doing this procedure and install the audio driver from the package.
And remove the .X3m for the Gearbox to see the files.
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