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Trouble with Stereo Patches


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Hi all, 


I upgraded to Helix Native some time ago from Pod Farm. I must say there is a lot more to it than Pod Farm (except for the tuner!). 


I am having HEAPS of trouble doing something, that i could do with ease with Pod Farm.. Here's the situation: 

  1. Record Rhythm guitars. Panned Hard left and Hard right respectively.
  2. Send them to a Stereo bus that has Helix as an insert. 
  3. Setup a stereo patch, Left input goes to Amp head A, and Right input goes to Amp head B.  

Seems pretty simple/straight forward. BUT i can not, for the life of me, figure out how to prevent Helix bouncing both L & R to centre. For example. If i mute my RIGHT guitars and send only my LEFT guitars to the bus, I should only hear the LEFT guitar coming out of Helix. But i can hear that my LEFT guitar tracks are going through both my L & R speakers. And also, through both L&R Amp heads in helix. 


Is helix not really stereo? how do i achieve this? 


For the love of god, someone please help! 

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Yea, I struggled with this also and line 6 tech help wasn't helpful.  The manual explains it on page 24/25 and there are a couple of steps to make it work. First, any effects before or after your amps need to be stereo.  The not so obvious next step is the split and merge settings. If you right click those settings there are additional panning options.  What I do is create a split on Path A with an amp on each split.  I setup my amps as I want them and then right click on the merge block and the end of path A.  That's where you can pan left/right there. I then send path a to path b where I put my stereo time based effects.    


I don't remember if I did anything on the split block, but can check later tonight.  I'll upload a patch then too if you like. The only drawback with this method is helix native limits how cpu intensive you can make patches so as to remain compatible with helix hardware.  

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