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Not sure what amp i`ve got?

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Hi All,

I was wondering if someone could help me? My 14 yr old daughter is a budding singer/guitarist, i have bought her a Line 6 Amp that has Spider II written on the front and a 30w Celestion speaker inside. I cannot find any info on the amp anywhere on this site to set it up? I also bought her an FBV Express pedal to plug her Gibson Les Paul Custom into them both to create her own sounds and play along to some backing tracks. I am looking for info on how to connect it all together so that she controls the amp through the pedal, she also has a Mac, can i download certain tracks to play along to?


Sorry there is quite a lot here, any snippets of advice would be much appreciated!





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Hi Billy,


I think that Amp isn't made anymore, and you need to scroll down to the bottom of the Line 6 product page and click "legacy products" or just go here

Go down and you can click on a Spider II and find manuals. 


If you don't see your unit, post a pic of it plus a pic of the model sticker and should be able to get some more info.


On the last page of the (2 page!)manual for spider II 30, there is a Pilots Log.  She can mark in the knob positions when there is a tone she likes for easier recollection later. Also if you click on "Download Spider II Settings " there are some examples of knob settings for tones.

Sounds like she has a great start with gear!  Good Luck, I hope she does you proud!





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3 hours ago, lucyupton2003 said:

Hi All,

I was wondering if someone could help me? My 14 yr old daughter is a budding singer/guitarist, i have bought her a Line 6 Amp that has Spider II written on the front and a 30w Celestion speaker inside. […]

With the 30W Spider II you should be good - that has FBV support. (the 15W one would not be supported)


Note though that the pedalboard has no functionality on its own, it really just is some buttons to press by foot/provides an expression pedal (but as the Spider II doesn't have a wah-wah effect, guess won't be used with it). All sounds still would come from the Spider II.

The FBV express is used to switch between the four presets/channel you setup on the Spider amp.


To play back tracks from the mac, you would have to connect its line out (or headphone out) to the Spider via a cable. The Spider II doesn't have any wireless options.


In addition to the list of legacy/no longer produced gear, see for overview of all past/current Line6 products, and specifically 

 for compatibility information.

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Guys, that is awesome info, Thanks!!, i have downloaded the settings for quite a few tracks that she can play along to. Am i correct in saying that the FBV Express mk 2 is compatible and all it does apart from having a wah pedal is switch between Clean, Crunch, Metal and Insane? If yes then when i connect them does it automatically work or is there a calibration process? Also the FBV Express comes with a connecter that goes into the MAC, if i go onto Line 6 Monkey will i be able to download backing tracks?





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To be clear: the FBV controller has an expression pedal, but the Spider doesn't have a wah effect that could be controlled with it, so you won't get a wah effect by plugging in the FBV Experss. It might not even work as a volume pedal (not sure about whether Spider would read that value or not).

Switching using the buttons will work without any calibration process, that will work right after plugging in.

The expression pedals can be recalibrated in case they are not using full range, that is explained here: 

 But as mentioned: not sure whether the pedal will do anything in combination with the Spider II.


And no, connecting the FBV via USB to your Mac or PC will not enable you to play backing tracks. The usb-connection is only used to A) update firmware on the FBV and more importantly to  B) use the FBV as a midi controller for your Mac/PC. So you could use it to control a midi-capable audio application to play/stop/forward/rewind (or similar things – you can configure what MIDI commands should be generated using the "Line 6 FBV control" application), but to hear it through the Spider, you would still have to connect it via the Aux IN jack.

While it is connected to the PC/Mac as a Midi-Controller, you cannot use it to switch presets at the same time though.

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