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Questions about connecting Spider 212 and Live Pedal board

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Just recently, I finally purchased a Spider Valve 212  (not MKII)...  I've been looking at one of these for years, but just never had the money to spend on one  (still can't justify buying the newer version.)


Couple Questions, hopefully these will be easy, I just can't find any easy answers in the forums...  Please note that I've only ever had a few pedals, a couple combo amps in the past...  Music gear is expensive and I just want to make sure I don't spend money on the wrong things.


Any help is appreciated!


  1. I understand that I can connect some of the PODs to the amp in such a way that the POD basically becomes the modelling processor.... is that correct?
    1. What controls on the Amp will still actually have an effect on the sound after the POD is connected?
    2. I assume Master Vol and Presence would still function, but the others would not... is that correct?
  2. Which POD Live models can be used in this manner?
    1. I'm  considering the X3 Live due to the dual processing ability.  Even with more amp models on the later series PODs.. It would seem that dual processing adds a level of depth and complexity that you can't really get by any other means  (other then buying more amps of course)
    2. Specifically...  I am looking for a more precise answer other than "pretty much all of them"....  Is it "all of them"???  Or are there PODs (Live versions) that will not connect to the SV 212 in this manner?
  3. I have the opportunity to get an XT Live pretty cheap at the moment...  Where does that fall in line with quality of modeling compared to the SV212 or POD3??
    1. Most important part, can the XT Live connect to the SV212 in the manner I asked about in question #2
    2. Quality.... Manual shows that it has a lot more AMP models to choose from than the SV212, but, is the XT a "budget" model in terms of over all quality... including processing ability and sound quality??   Or is it just scaled down in terms of variety of options?
  4. How is the connection made from the POD to the SV212?   
    1. Which interface? 
    2. What cable(s) do I need?
  5. I understand that the Modelling on-board the SV212 matches the POD2 series, and the MKII matches the POD3 series...  Is that correct


Thanks for any help

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The original Spider Valve is one of the best sounding amps Line 6 ever made...MK2 does not sound as good. I have both...There is no connectivity for PODs on a SV other than using the power amp in (1/4 cable)...The System Link is reserved for the DT amplifiers and the HD500/HDPro PODs. The modeling on the original SV is sorta like 2.0, but each model was tweaked by Rheinhold Bogner and it is very obvious to me that it is a special sounding amp...However, the FX control is a bit limited. When I was playing out with mine, I used some BOSS pedals to supplement because of the limited control. Something else to consider is that these amplifiers have been out of production for a long time and there are no parts...The power amp board is very simple and repairable as it is much like any other class AB tube power amplifier, but replacement DSP boards no longer exist...


If you are interested in a POD, I would suggest looking for a HD500 or HD500X...Better than an XT or X3 IMO...Nothing wrong with XT or X3, they can sound great too.

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Great information, thanks!


What about using the 4-Cable method...

First, I've read two different things on other message boards...  Can anybody tell me which one is correct?


In order to use the 4-Cable Method with the SV212...  What do I need?

  • POD X3 Live
  • FBV Shortboard and POD X3 Bean

I've read in different places that one, or the other, won't work...


  • When using the 4-Cable connection method, does that bypass the onboard DSP of the SV212?
    • Or would I still need to configure a preset to the clean channel with everything leveled out?
  • In relation to setting up a "Flat Clean Channel"...  I've found information indicating that the onboard DSP can be bypassed by triggering it via the Variax interface.  This makes perfect sense since the Variax guitars have built-in amps, so, in theory, it should just be an on/off signal to one of the leads on that interface.
    • Does anybody know the Pin-Out for the Variax Interface?
    • Or, better yet...  Is the "Clean" channel actually doing the same thing and completely bypassing all of the DSP AMP modelling?


Again, thanks for the help.

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X3 Live for 4CM..Beans don't have FX Loops...4CM is doable on an HD Bean, but more trouble than it is worth imo...never tried an X3 bean...maybe...


I think the amp models in the SV are better than the X3...I only needed a few additional FX to supplement the original SV where they fell short...just a shortboard to switch patches and some stomps...I have done 4CM, to me it just isn't worth the trouble...

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