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I have a new Spider V 120 and am using a FBV shortboard as my foot controller.  How do I use the FBV to do looping?

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Ok old topic but..

After updating the spider V to V2.0     :


FBV Shortboard MkII The FBV Shortboard MkII controller provides the same functionality as FBV 3, with the following exceptions:


•FUNCTION 1 controls the COMP effect

•FUNCTION 2 controls the LOOPER

• FS2 controls the Stomp effect

• FS3 controls the Modulation effect

• FS4 controls the Delay effect • The FBV Shortboard MkII has only red LEDs, therefore, it will not display the same colors as FBV 3.


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Hi, I have a spider jam amp and the FBV shortboard MKII.

I can´t find enough information about the function 1 and 2 switches :-( .

In the advanced guide for the MKII it says that Function 1 controls the COMP ( Compressor) and Function 2 should allow you to switch amp models.

If I press Function 1 switch the display tells me only "no new recording"  ?????? Function 2 has no effect at all and the displlay will stay blank.

What am I doing wrong???


I tried to assign commands to the two switches via the LINE 6 FBV control program but I am not sure what to to choose there.


Can anybody help?



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