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SV212 & 4-Cable Method... X3-Live? Or, X3 w/ FBV-sb

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Just recently, I finally purchased a Spider Valve 212  (not MKII)...  I've been looking at one of these for years, but just never had the money to spend on one  (still can't justify buying the newer version.)


I am looking for information on how to use a POD X3, and the 4-Cable Method with my Spider Valve 212.

I've read in a few different places that a POD X3 Live can't do this with the SV212, in other places, I've read that it can...


Can anybody clarify this for me... In order to use the 4-Cable Method with the SV212...  What do I need?

  • POD X3 Live
  • FBV Shortboard and POD X3 Bean




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