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Variax Pedalboard?

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Anything's "possible", but this would be a daunting task, to say the least. It's not something I'd try.


Separating the piezo pickups and the modeling electronics into separate enclosures is imaginable. But the model selections are made with a combination of the 5-way switch, the rotary model selection switch and there are volume & tone pots, as well. How you would incorporate those controls into an existing pedalboard is not quite within my grasp. I'm thinking you'd come up with a difficult-to-control beast, if it worked at all.


I think a better solution is to pair a Variax with one of the Line 6 floor processors that can change Variax models with each preset.

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Variax in a pedal with 13pin input?


GK 13-pin to Variax Adapter Module ( for use with a guitar with Roland GK-3 13 pin PU 
GK 13-pin to Variax Adapter Module

Now you can play the Variax sounds using any GK-equipped guitar without breaking your budget.

Use your guitar equipped with a GK-compatible 13-pin pickup to play the sounds available within Variax 300, 600, 500, 700 or James Tyler Variax using our GK-compatible Variax adapter interface.

Installation is as easy as disconnecting your Variax guitar's bridge connector cable and installing in its place the appropriate jumper cable (included) between the Variax main board and the GK 13-pin to Variax Adapter Module board.

Note: This board interfaces the audio signals from your GK pickup to the Variax hardware. Phantom power (±7V) must be supplied to the GK pickup by connecting another GK-compatible device to the adapter module's GK THRU.


  • GK IN - plug in your 13-pin GK-equipped guitar here.
  • GK THRU - This is the phantom power insert point. Connecting another GK-compatible device here will supply power to the pickup connected to GK IN. Can also be used to drive another GK-compatible device such as a Roland VG-99 simultaneously.


  • GK 13-pin to Variax Adapter Module
  • Adapter-bridge link cable for use with Variax 300/600/JTV, Variax 500 or Variax 700*

*Your choice of adapter module version affects which cable is included.

Variax 300/600/JTV version:

  • 8-pin jumper cable for use with Variax 300, 600 and James Tyler Variax

Variax 500 version:

  • 10-pin flex cable for use with Variax 500

Variax 700 version:

  • 8-pin flex cable for use with Variax 700

Variax Bass 700 & 705 version:

  • 8-pin jumper cable for use with Variax Bass 700 & 705


Dimensions: 2.9" x 1.5" x 0.83" (73.7 x 38.1 x 21mm)
Weight: 2 oz.


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I had no idea the Rack Vax existed. Website says it's out of stock. Can I assume this is no longer being made?  Since the tuning changes are one of the biggest selling points for why I use a Variax, I probably wouldn't have been interested. But I'm just curious about the product. 

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On 4/7/2018 at 7:43 AM, silverhead said:

No longer being made afaik. It was never a Line 6 product. I think Line 6 had a licensing agreement of some sort for this many years ago but it has long since expired.

They wanted a deal, but that never happened.

My servicing and repair of someone else's product would have complicated things way too much.


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