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Good Collection of Presets and IRs!


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Even though I've learned to customize useful tones on the Helix, I've also tried a few preset packs mentioned frequently in the hardware Helix forum, such as some by 3 Sigma Audio, Fremen, and Glenn Deleune. My current fave, though, is a lesser known pack by Michel Britt (who developed a lot of Kemper stuff, but later started working with a Helix). 


He offers a great pack of well-rounded and useful IRs (30 for $25):  https://mbritt.com/product/mblended-ir-pack-1/


But even better, you can buy his Helix presets (32 of 'em for $30) and he throws in his whole pack of IRs:  https://mbritt.com/product/m-britt-helix-preset-pack-1/ That's like buying teflon pans and getting a free set of steak knives!



These are meat & potatoes tones without a lot of fancy effects (and I think they were even designed before Helix had Snapshots). But they're great for rock, country, and blues rhythm or lead parts (not metal tho) ... and they sit really well in the mix without a lot of futzing. I mention them here in case you're in an unending quest for tones....


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I should update this to mention that Fremen's latest work is right up there with the Michael Britt stuff for my favorite purchased presets. He has some metal amp packs out now, and will be releasing some vintage amp stuff soon (I'm more of a vintage guy, so waiting for that).

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