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StageSource+StageScape PA: what level are used in tipical gigs ?

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Hello Community: to those of you who do gigs with the Line6 PA system: what levels do you set on the Master out on the M20d, and where do you set the Level pot on the M3M/Ts facing the audience ?


In medium/small venues i mean...bars, small stages...

Is it better to keep it high on the mixer ( -10dB ?) and low on the speakers...or keep the speaker level knob on the middle notch position, and then adjust on the mixer...sorry for the maybe mundane question but i got no experience live with this PA and will have some in the near future possibly...


And no, i can't try this at home!:-)




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I keep the speaker levels notched in the middle and vary the mixer output level to suit the room. If I do the gain staging properly in the mixer (channel input trim and levels) this method has always been OK for me.

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