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The Search function appears to be broken?


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So, I wanted to search for people's favorite FRFR, and got no results


I searched for


Favorite FRFR


Best FRFR Speaker

Best Speaker


Got no results.  No matter what I searched for.  I know they are out there.


Or did people get so sick of other people asking that all such threads were deleted?

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1 hour ago, FlyingsCool said:


Or did people get so sick of other people asking that all such threads were deleted?




Work around unbtil it's fixed:


Google site:Line6.com and your saearch terms, example:

site:Line6.com Favorite FRFR




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I thought that, surely, OP must have misspelled frfr! But no! the term returns no search results!


FORUM GUYS - better you should find out WHY the old forum was crashing and fix it, than continue with this ugly and minimally useful piece of junk!


OH, WAIT! It shows the first letter of our names! NEVER MIND! What's functionality and readability compared to that?


Aw, who cares anyway. The Helix Thread on the Gearpage forum actually gets read by real L6 people, who actually respond to users.


Why should we expect ANYTHING from the OFFICIAL L6 Helix forum?




EDIT: Oh yeah, organization of topics vs random posts. Reply by Triryche implies that they're working on it. Patience....

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I think the lack of response of Line 6 employees on this forum vs TGP may have something to do about separation of work life from personal life.   I kind of get that, even though the logic isn't quite sound.  And of course, there's the announcement at the top of the forum's main page saying, "Line 6 Experts monitor and moderate our forums, and have direct lines to Line 6 staff to report trouble or get useful information, but they are not paid employees of Line 6".


It's not ideal and if it were my company, I might try a different approach.  But its not, so it is what it is.  :-)




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