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Power Cab 112


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I have mixed feelings about this...


Like some others have said... "If I were starting from scratch" these would certainly be in the race. But I've been using my Alto TS10A (the older version of what became the TS210) since my HD500X days. So dropping $1200-$1400 for a pair of new speakers isn't going to happen. Plus I get the added bonus of a small PA when needed with the TS10s.


I get that players who are new to the modeling and are coming from the traditional amp world, might look on these with a loving eye. It's a 1x12 cab and that might make it easier to accept than a "FRFR/PA speaker." This is especially true if they have read/bought into the myth that "FRFR can't get you that 'amp in the room sound' dude!"


I do think it's a really interesting product. I could see this being used my a traditional guitarist as an easy way to go to a Wet/Dry setup or a Wet/Dry/Wet setup pretty easily.

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I've been looking for a second option to my DXR12 that might give me a little different flavor to play around with. This is looking like a good candidate. I'll be getting on the waiting list pretty soon. I just had a new Les Paul delivered today and I need to take a couple of breaths before I order something else. 

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