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SOLVED: JTV69 won't connect to work bench- win 7

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Hi all - been a previous 700 electric and acoustic user and have just picked up a second hand JTV69.


For some reason Workbench HD can't connect - it doesn't see the usb box or the guitar.


Monkey detects the USB box fine and confirms latest firmware installed.


I user a standard rj45 cable that came with the guitar. I've tried another PC but it's running the same verson of win 7 and also exhibits same behaviour.


It's 64 bit btw if that makes any difference.


I've tried latest HD and previous Work bench versions.


Any thoughts? Going to take it into local shop and try to connect to Helix.


I have a ticket in on it but just thought I'd ask here


Update: the guitar will not enter factory reset mode (hold model knob down and plug in 1/4") - could it be older firmware?

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Ok - weird one this but in case anyone else gets caught out the problem was the RJ45 cable. Apparently there are 2 types: straight and crossover. You MUST use a straight RJ45 (the yellow marked ones are cross over type and as I discovered do not work)


So....all fixed!

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It probably has a Flash update to version 2.00 or beyond. Factory rest using the knob was removed

from later software to make memory space for other things. Factory reset is done by reloading the Flash.



Make certain the interface device LED's are both green when using Monkey and Workbench-HD.

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