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Alternative to XD-AD8

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Since it looks like the XD-AD8 is not something easily found is it possible to use another antenna distribution system with the XD-V75, like the Shure UA844+SWB or something else like it? The reason I can't just order from anywhere is that this is going to be for a school system in New Jersey and we're required to order from vendors that have a state contract. As long as it works we're good.

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That Shure product doesn't cover the frequency range that the Line6 mics use so it wouldn't be much use. If you could find one that was the right range and handled the right signal levels and performed satisfactorily then I don't see why it wouldn't work.

However, and bearing in mind that Line6 is now part of Yamaha, I would expect just about any supplier worth their salt to be able to source an AD8 for you. They may well not list such products anywhere but my experience of suppliers is that they can almost always get what you want, albeit sometimes only at a higher price than ideal. I know my regular education suppliers will happily source anything, even if it means them buying it from another retailer and selling it on.

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