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Power (off) cab option, and tube amp input idea!


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Hi all


Cool the PowerCabs 112 & 112 plus!!

Would it be nice if the Cabs had the option to disable the Power amp and use the cab with IR's or speaker simulation in combination with a Tube Amp ? More or less the principal of a universal audio OX with speaker! It is Just an idea and so far I haven't seen this type of cab on the market, it gives the ability to use your cab/ speaker in every kind of situation.


Let me know what you think about the idea!?

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Hey mmunnecom,


This is something we had considered during the early stages of development, but it had too many drawbacks that deterred from our goals (pretty lightweight, no fans, etc.) and ultimately it was a little more niche than we were comfortable with. We actually built a reactive load unit for development purposes to try it out and it's actually pretty great, but there's plenty of those kind of products already on the market and they probably work great with Powercab. So for us, there wasn't much of a need to go there if we didn't do something different.

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On 4/13/2018 at 12:42 PM, mmunnecom said:

Hi BFrenzel,


Thanks for your reply and feedback regarding the development scope . I fully understand it, personally I would be interested in such a kind of product. :) 



Couldn't you use a load box box with your tube amp and then run the line out of the laodbox into the Power Cab? I think you could do that with this one  even Attenuator

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